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Between the thousand applications of technological innovation we appreciate especially the ones related to Healthcare. Big Data and Internet of Things can bring a lot of advantages to modern medicine! On this theme we have the opportunity to examinate an experiment that just started. Fujitsu, in collaboration with the Gait Expertise Center of Sint Marteenskliniek clinique (Holland), developed a pilot project that combines IoT and Cloud to improve the rehabilitation process.


Internet of Things And Cloud: innovations at the service of Medicine

The Gait Expertise Center is specialized in treating problems regarding mobility and balance. The experiment consists in have the patients wearing IoT sensors that can constantly collect movement and vital parameters and store them in a Cloud system. The main advantage is the chance to acquire information on 24/7 basis and to monitor patients remotely. These technologies give doctors the opportunity to work on more complete objective data while they help the patient in his or her rehabilitation path!

The project started on october 2017 and its duration is of 6 months. During this period patients will be followed constantly thanks to sensors: from activities to sleep, every moment useful data to improve therapies will be recorded.


The advantages of constant monitoring

There’s also another project by Fujitsu that involves Slingeland Hospital. When patients enter the hospital, they receive a sensor on the chest and also a wireless monitor for blood pressure. This way, the hospital crew can continuously check vital parameters and take the best decisions! Even beds have sensors to monitor sleep status.

With this amount of information coming from sensors, the need for manual exams and checks decreases! Therapies become more focused, interventions and emergency operations become quicker. The new way of managing patients influences the hospital organization and the available time to concentrate on treatments.


Future applications

What can we expect now? In a short period of time, collected data will be managed and interpreted by Artificial Intelligences capable of choosing the best therapy. Well, the truth is this already happens! It seems like a sci-fi movie but information collected thanks to Internet of Things and shared with Cloud systems allows every doctor to have data they need to face complex or peculiar cases.


We’re very happy to work with technological innovations every day! Do you want to know more? Keep following our blog!

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