3 examples of Machine Learning for your business

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Sometimes it seems that technological innovations are too complicated to be applied to our business. That’s not true! Think about machine learning: even though we hear of it in connection with novelties like connected cars, we see it in practice from search engines to the anti-spam filters of our email. In this article, you’ll discover 3 examples of machine learning that you can use into your company!


1. Customizing user experience

Artificial Intelligence is capable of customizing the user experience in real time, adapting it to every user. And it does so beginning from what it learns about your preferences! Did you notice that the “related products” function used by companies like Amazon or Netflix is way more advanced than others? This is one of the easiest examples of machine learning: it’s just about algorithms that can suggest solutions aligned with users’ preferences.

Alibaba works the same way, with an efficient “related products” system. It also provides an advanced chatbot that can manage most of the customer’s needs. Even this time, the algorithm that drives the Artificial Intelligence learns from every case treated.


2. Offering the right product at the right time

Machine learning algorithms can improve the timing of your offers. It’s not a mystery that these technological innovations can predict purchase behaviors. But they can also do actions based on these data! Let’s put that into practice: promoting a new car to someone who just bought one is a waste of money. But this same moment is perfect for promoting a car insurance. This example of machine learning is applied by many companies to improve the efficiency of their marketing efforts.


3. Creating relationships between different devices

In the hyperconnected world we’re living in, it’s normal to expect that different devices work together. And machine learning algorithms are the right tool to simplify this process! Apple is a perfect example of this approach: all their products are connected with others, sharing the same base of data. This way it’s easier for the devices to integrate and guarantee the continuity of activities. There isn’t the risk that a device isn’t up-to-date: every link of the chain is updated through an Artificial Intelligence that is capable of learning and adapting.


Do you like these 3 examples of machine learning you can apply to your business? Time to put into practice in your company what you learned!

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