3 examples of Machine Learning that are revolutionizing the market

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In the last article, we talked about Machine Learning algorithms, their potential and some examples of use. Today we will deepen the practical aspects of this technological innovation. Here are 3 examples of Machine Learning that are changing the market and that you definitely know!



This name is enough to think about technological innovation, right? Almost all the services and products made by Google make extensive use of Machine Learning. Starting from its most famous aspect: the search engine!

Users’ requests are complex, no more keywords are used. Sometimes it is a question, sometimes a sentence with an unclear meaning. Google’s algorithms are able to interpret these phrases and report them to the most suitable content on the web! The constant improvement of the search engine has changed the way in which digital marketing addresses the indexing of a website. Today it almost only counts the usefulness of content for users.

But Google has fielded a series of complementary solutions to the search engine, all enhanced by Machine Learning. Think, for example, of Maps and its ability to interpret data from an infinite number of sources to evaluate traffic and travel times! Or Assistant, an instrument that responds to your needs by learning from the data you analyze and relying on many other interconnected services.


Evolved e-commerce

A modern e-commerce uses Machine Learning algorithms for many functions. It is able to present the products more in line with your research having learned from an infinity of previous research, going beyond reading the tags. Amazon is a great example of the effectiveness of this approach! The Bezos colossus gives us the opportunity to talk about the recommended products: up-selling and cross-selling have become elaborate and extend to on-site suggestions, emails and remarketing on other platforms. All thanks to algorithms that analyze user preferences.

An effective e-commerce always has an evolved chatbot, able to go with the customers and respond to their needs. Machine Learning allows this simple tool to understand the requests and satisfy them with an almost human capacity for interaction.



In the world of Industry 4.0, data interpretation plays a fundamental role. As well as the management of the assets that collect and use them! Production plants, buildings, IT infrastructures: every part of the system is connected to the others. And each requires attention, maintenance and choices to make. Euclide is the BrainWise platform that brings the benefits of the Internet of Things and Big Data to the service of companies.

The effectiveness of this tool depends mainly on Machine Learning algorithms that analyze information in real time and suggest the best decisions. For many production companies, adopting Euclide has meant increasing the efficiency of the plants, the energy management, and the IT department!


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