4 BrainWise tips on blockchain technology

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The applications of the Blockchain technology are exciting. We are seeing more and more useful news for our lives and the security of our data. And your company? How can you enjoy this powerful innovation? Today we present 4 practical tips that will help you find space for the Blockchain in your business!


1. The world of food

Do technological innovations affect the food sector? Traceability is a very important aspect of the safety of the food we eat. The Blockchain is the perfect tool to guarantee the correctness and continuity of information on every single food product that arrives on our table! Knowing where it comes from and how it was treated the fruit you are about to eat gives you considerable serenity.


2. Smart Contract

There is too much bureaucracy in this world. An infinite number of documents are checked, signed and registered manually. It is logical that any transaction or trade takes time! What if the information is managed through a tool that can transfer and make data accessible in real time but safely?

Imagine having to buy a car. Thanks to the Blockchain, a second after the electronic transaction the sale contract and all the necessary documents can be registered and made available to all interested parties: you, the seller and the authorities in charge! This example can be applied to any type of contract or transaction.


3. The Healthcare sector

Are there more sensitive data than those related to our health? The theme of their management is very delicate. On one side, there are smart devices such as Apple Watch and Fitbit, which can check our parameters; but there is the risk of cyber attacks able to steal this information. Blockchain secures patient health data collected from facilities and devices. It also allows you to create knowledgebases available to healthcare professionals to deal with any case more effectively!


4. The collection of votes and opinions

Questionnaires and interviews are a source of information that is very useful for any business. But I’m at risk of theft! And they can also be manipulated. The same applies to political elections, in which the concept of transparency is continually challenged. Applications based on Blockchain technology can secure the data related to the preferences expressed: in addition to protecting them, they make the alteration virtually impossible. In this way, they guarantee both the quality and the transparency of the information.


BrainWise’s approach

As you may have noticed, we are passionate about technological innovations. “In BrainWise we see Blockchain as the biggest revolution since the advent of the internet: a new democratic and truthful network that will allow the creation of many new reliable services and will simplify everyone’s life“. This is the vision of Riccardo Conte, co-founder of our company.

Riccardo continues: “The possibilities of Blockchain are still unexplored but what is certain is that it is changing the way we understand information and that is why as BrainWise we decided to dedicate resources and investments to specific applications based on this technology“. There is a lot of room for experimentation with this innovation and it is our intention to use it as much as possible to ensure fluidity and security in data management!


What do you think about it? Can your company enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology? Contact us today and find out how to apply this technological innovation to your business!

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