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Every day more and more companies benefit from cryptocurrencies’ advantages. We often hear about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology that allows to move and track economic transactions. But there are sometimes less known alternatives that can be applied to your business! It’s time to find them out.


Cryptocurrencies’ advantages

Why are cryptocurrencies useful? First of all, they’re international and they aren’t managed by governments that regulate exchanges and ask for fees. The advantage lies in the elimination of costs due to transactions! Furthermore, cryptocurrencies aren’t managed by banks too so you can avoid delays and fees related to validating movements.


1. Litecoin

Litecoin works just like Bitcoin but it’s more present, 84 millions against 21 millions. Blocks generation is faster so this cryptocurrency is especially easy to move. Its wallet can be downoaded directly from its official website and it’s already encrypted. Its ease of use make Litecoin the best choice for who’s new to online exchanges and needs to quickly move small amounts of money.


2. Zcash

Bitcoin’s more confidential version is Zcash. This “zero-knowledge” cryptocurrency mantains public blockchain’s advantages but it totally hides sensitive information. Data on who sends money, who receives them and the amount moved are completely encrypted.


3. Monero

Monero is another cryptocurrency especially devoted to privacy. Its best feature is that it allows users to decide how confidential transactions are. For every money transfer you can define who can see information and who can’t! This function gives you full control on data and assets.


4. Dash

Dash is a cryptocurrency made for shopping. Many vendors accept it and quick money transfers means that payments and shippings are quicker too! Its user-friendly development (similar to Litecoin) allows it to be easily used by anyone. It can also manage transactions between consumers, like any other cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrencies are quicly becoming common thanks to the advantages they offer. Think about how you can use them for your company or your online store to simplify economic transactions! Embrace technological innovation and benefits that cryptocurrencies can bring to your business!

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