4 tech trends to follow during 2018

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In a world that shows us incredible innovations every week, what can be so important to characterize an entire year? The topic of tech trends has been discussed by many magazines. As BrainWise, we would like to share with you the trends that we believe are the most important for our field! You’ll discover that some of them could directly affect your company. Here are 4 tech trends to follow during 2018!


1. AI and bots

There were many projects in 2017 that included advanced Artificial Intelligences. For next year we expect an increased use of this technology with endless potential. Its most popular application is related to bots because it allows a quality interaction between user and company without using human resources. Investing on chatbots and Artificial Intelligences based on Machine Learning algorithms is a valid option you should think about to improve many aspects of your business!


2. Blockchain, mobile payments and cryptocurrencies

This year saw many times “cryptocurrencies” in magazines’ titles. Last news for Bitcoin in financial field and the always more innovative application of Blockchain technology let us imagine a even more interesting 2018! Furthermore, in order to simplify transactions and the buying process, there are many experiments on methods like retinal payments. The goal is simple: helping people buy without efforts to increase sales. With this objective in mind, every possible option has to be considered!


3. GDPR and Security

In addition to technological innovations, 2017 is also the year of WannaCry and Petya. The ransomware attacks that took down international businesses underlined the importance of advanced security systems. During 2018 General Data Protection Regulation will be actualized and every company will have to adapt to its guidelines. It’s the right time to rethink your IT security!


4. Augmented Reality

The introduction of affordable devices for Augmented Reality will lead to important investments in this field. What can we expect? Multimedia experiences in stores with virtual catalogues activated by a look, walks down a street with information appearing on our glasses’ lenses and much more. The applications of this innovative technology for almost every business are thrilling!


Which tech trends are more interesting for you? And with new technologies are you going to apply in your company during 2018?

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