Why we are different

Only one thing is necessary for this work: a great passion!
We are an innovative startup with more than twenty years of experience. Our clients appreciate us for our ability to understand their needs and the love for technology that identifies us.

We put people at the core

In the last years tech companies showed the potential of the smart work approach. So Agile methodologies started and social responsibility increased.

Working in BrainWise means the possibility to express your talent in the best way. We are expanding our structure with the objective to concentrate many cultures from every part of the world.

Being smart for us has many meanings. We began an evolutive plan that will see the constant growth of Smart Working and the consequent opening of new offices oriented to Team Working.

Would you like to be part of this international team?

How we see ourselves


We are at the front line with our clients to help them introduce innovative technologies, visions and methods in order to increase everyone’s personal and business life. Everywhere.


Technology is useless without an aim. Innovation is senseless without applications. We see ourselves in a future where data will be the core and development driver of technology and innovation. We are partner of companies that work to make the world a better place to live.

Il nostro obiettivo è aiutare i nostri clienti a portare la loro azienda nell'era digitale.

We grow with our clients

Why they choose us

Our clients love our inclination for innovation and method. The mix of these two factors is very important for us because we believe there isn’t bigger failure than a bad use of the best technology. Every day we hear about new solutions that sometimes are difficult to understand and apply. BrainWise is the partner that can make your wishes come true.

Our approach

It’s been said that the best quality is the ability to listen. To do it the best way we identified a unique method that goes from analyzing your needs to developing a plan in short time. You have an idea and we help you realize it! Listening to your real needs, not just selling you softwares.

What are our principles?

Honesty and Integrity can’t be unknown words for who works in BrainWise. And it’s true that these two values are now rare. But we strive to invest in people who have the potential to guarantee the future of our company and our clients!

Does BrainWise care for social responsibility?

In the last years we began devolving part of our income to social initiatives. We believe every company has the responsibility to invest in the territory. And we want to do always more.

How are teams organized in BrainWise?

According to the task to do: consulting, app development and systems clearly change the way teams are built. We use Agile methodologies and, thanks to Job Rotation, we give everyone the possibility to help colleagues with other activities. We often discover interesting things!

Do we play sports in BrainWise?

Mens sana in corpore sano – we believe in this idea. We also care about our collaborators’ health so we offer flexible schedules to help everyone finding the time to do some sports and relax. Happiness improves work.

Is BrainWise doing ecological improvements?

We care about energy saving and ecological impact. Not just because our platform Euclide® manages Smart Building and Energy Monitoring! We also built a eco-friendly office that has low emissions; Smart Working dedication is making us reduce car and plane travels.

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