An objective analysis of privacy and cyber-security

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Privacy and data security are technological trends that characterize 2018. There are many points of view on the correct approach to sensitive information and their protection. And the legal rules that protect them have made it even more urgent to invest in advanced cyber-security solutions.

What’s happening in the companies? How can you protect the data of your business and your customers? It’s time to find out!


A climate of tension

Extensive attacks such as Wannacry’s in 2017 brought the vulnerabilities of computer networks to the attention of the general public. And important scandals such as the one involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have further fueled user fears about the security of their data.

The recent entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation has added to the data protection concern also the one relating to sanctions in case of failure. Today many Italian companies are in a difficult situation: they need to improve the safety of their infrastructures but they do not know how to manage this project.


Applying Privacy By Design

A first step to protect data within any business is to apply Privacy By Design. This principle of GDPR is one of the most interesting and simple to respect. Because? Because if you correctly organize the flow of data collection and processing, the need for investments in technical solutions drastically decreases.

Unfortunately, in many companies, the information is accessible to anyone, not only to the figures authorized for their treatment. This means that there is a real risk of data loss due to human error or internal theft. Applying Privacy By Design entails limiting access to information only to those who have the task of managing them.


Use technological innovations

Innovations provide powerful tools to protect data and infrastructure. Blockchain technology allows you to encrypt and transfer information! And this is important because smart devices that use the Internet of Things continuously collect and send even sensitive data. There is a lot of concern about the potential risks related to the security of interconnected objects.

Besides to Blockchain, you can take advantage of the potential of other technologies to protect your data and systems. For example, you can switch to Cloud solutions to ensure greater accessibility and more effective control! And you must also deploy monitoring tools to detect attacks and information leaks in real time so that you can take the necessary countermeasures immediately.


Do you want to improve the security of your systems and protect your data? Contact us for advice! We will help you organize efficient information management and protect it with innovative tools!

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