How to apply the principles of Design Thinking in your projects

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You have discovered the advantages of Design Thinking and now you want to apply it in your business. Good idea! But what does this mean in practice? How can you change your company’s approach to focus on solution-based design? In this article, you will discover how to achieve this result!


The path to apply the principles of Design Thinking

Turning your approach to developing solutions is a time-consuming process. Suzanne Pellican, vice president of Intuit’s Design Experience, describes the 8-year period in which her company has worked to adopt Design Thinking:


We are going from creating a design thinking culture to a design doing approach, where we continually focus on the best result for the customer experience“.


Such a journey is neither easy nor immediate. But it can bring great results! So what steps do you need to take to apply the principles of Design Thinking in your company?


The right guide

Innovations sometimes find the resistance of skeptical people or rooted in their beliefs. Nothing serious! But Design Thinking must become a corporate culture and so requires the support of the board. As we have seen, the path to apply this approach can take years, so leadership guidance is needed to tackle change. If the executives espouse a new way of working and encourage it, the other resources will feel more motivated to do the same.



If you have management support, you can focus on investments. The first concerns people who have to carry forward the new corporate vision: designers. And they must be talented resources to develop innovative solutions that put the customer at the center!

The second investment is training. And not just for designers but for all decision-making roles, whatever their department. They are groups of people from different backgrounds who apply the principles of Design Thinking in a project: if they are not all trained to use this approach, how can they collaborate effectively? It is no coincidence that the examples of the success of companies using this method show a perfect synergy between development, marketing, sales and other departments.

The third investment is in the infrastructure. You must guarantee your resources the opportunity to work together effectively and comfortably! You can use a Project Management and Collaboration platform to simplify your team’s work and help them achieve results faster.


Now you know how to apply the principles of Design Thinking in your projects. It’s time to experience the benefits of this innovative method in your business!

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