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A couple of weeks ago we announced our participation to ArchMarathon 2017, the international event on projects and architecture. We’re quite next to the beginning, so we want to tell you why a company creating technological solutions will attend an event of that kind. It all began in 2004…


A new need

That year a client contacted us in search of help for a complex situation. The group had 18 buildings including universities, museums, theaters and historical constructions. Every property had its own concierge service and was manually managed under every aspect: programmed maintenance, interventions and suppliers organization. You can easily imagine the amount of documents and expenses related to this circumstance!


The right solution

There already were programs that managed requested activities to organize all of these properties. But they all were softwares that could do just a single task, often with many problems or complicated pocedures. The solution we developed was a multifunctional platform that included all the necessary features!

This new software was so easy and intuitive to allow everyone to use it with a short training. It also eliminated the need to have many programs with costs due to licenses and upgrades! The time saved thanks to the unique interface allowed to optimize human resources use and sped activities up. It was the beginning of a revolution in Facility Management!


13 years later

13 yers after that request, Euclide® is still the most innovative platform realized to manage structures, energy, IoT sensors and much more! We worked to make our software even more easy and complete. It’s used today by who organize and monitor modern buildings that respect the latest laws in energetic field. With Euclide® maintenance, documents and tickets aren’t a problem anymore!

In these years we developed solutions suited non just for who manages buildings but also for who realizes them. Kimonus is a software created to simplify the more complex Project Management and Collaboration activities! In a field made by deadlines intermediate goals, roles and continuous communications is necessary to keep processes simple and under control. With our complete platform, managing complicated projects with international teams becomes a pleasure!


Our participation

Our experience in technological buildings’ construction and management allows us to participate to ArchMarathon 2017 and meet many international businesses. We’re happy to have the opportunity to know important architects and designers from every part of America! There will also be successful italian and european companies in architectural field. It will be a great occasion to create new collaborations and develop ideas on technological innovation for constructions!

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