It often happens to see sci-fi movies and notice that many technologies are already a reality. Artificial intelligence is an example of how advanced the machines available could be! When a cognitive system persuasively mimics human behavior and reasoning to interact with users and environment, we are in presence of a real artificial intelligence. We meet these technological innovations in many fields: automotive applies AI systems to its last generation self-driving cars that, through the analysis of data collected by sensors, move independently or quite that way. On social networks we find artificial intelligences called chatbots that receive questions written using a human language and answer remaining very close to the way a person would conversate.

How can you use artificial intelligence and cognitive computing in your company?

Chatbots can be a really useful instrument for your business! Consulting them, you could speed up information research and designate them to compile the reports you need. And their ability to manage requests make them ideal systems to answer customers questions: think about all the typical things customers ask you and how chatbots could quickly handle them.

Gaining information from an internal knowledgebase, they could not just solve your client’s doubts but also help them doing many activities that otherwise should be done in your offices. Furthermore, robot placed in commercial activities like supermarkets or malls could be particularly useful for your business: they could raise your clients engagement entertaining them, especially children, but they would also be ideal to give useful information and indications about direction. Surely better than typical totems!

Healthcare is beginning to use cognitive systems to raise disease diagnosis and therapy choices efficiency. Allowing an andvanced artificial intelligence, like IBM’s Watson, to analyze patient’s clinical charts it is possible to quickly identify the best treatment for every single case.

Now that science fiction is almost reality, artificial intelligence and cognitive system can be useful for your company too! BrainWise acquired a lot of experience integrating AI and cognitive computing in production activities. We will help you adding this novelties in your business leading you toward the point you will sell them as an actual product. Your customer’s satisfaction will raise and your work quality will improve!



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