Imagine you can exactly know how your final client uses your products. Imagine you can know the status of every machine you work with and every particular of their operation. Now that Internet of Things is a reality, all these possibilities are realizing too! Sensors allow to gather an enormous amount of information from any type of objects and the system collecting it is called Big Data. Inside them flow all data regarding article’s operation in the customer’s hands and the machines during the production process: if analyzed in the right way, these data give you the opportunity of upgrading many aspect of your business, regardless you are specialized in consumer goods or particular products. But what about all the other information surrounding your activity? Thanks to data analysis potential you can transform every event, object or person regarding your company in a source of advices to refine your business! Think about your employee profiles analysis, events correlation, your plants status and many other things.

Which opportunities a Big Data Analysis system offers you?

A first aspect regards your production cycle: the information sensors inside the machines gather allows you to program maintenance thanks to predictive analysis, avoiding failures and stops. All of the documentation linked to goods production and delivery can be managed efficiently. But data collected from products that are already in the customer’s hands are useful too: analyzing the way clients use them you will be able to upgrade projects and diminish defects risk during time.

You will have the possibility to know exactly what your customers desire in order to create always competitive and suited-for-the-market products!

Big Data Analysis system use algorithms that fully analyze information arriving and organize it in non relational databases. Purifying data streaming using specific parameters, is possible to preserve only what is really useful for your business. Big companies constantly use Big Data system to profile customers and offer products related to their interests. This technology is extensively used by e-commerce sites, that analyze user’s researches in order to show similar articles. But Big Data potential is the same regardless you produce objects or sell services! The capability of quickly manage enormous amount of data translated in useful information will help you take correct decisions for your business basing them on objective analysis.

Brainwise is the top choice in Big Data systems consulting and implementation. We know how important is to rapidly reach the goals set and we realize with you a project that will allow you to increase your business potential!



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