Big tech companies: 3 lessons for a small business

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Between big and small companies there are more things in common of what you may think. In a previous article, we talked about technological innovations suited for realities of every size. But there are also lessons that a small business can learn looking to tech companies like Amazon, IBM or Google. It’s time to discover 3 of them!


1. Having a clear mission

The mission, the goal, should be the starting point for a company. And also for every single project! What’s Amazon mission? Maybe changing the e-commerce world with a disruptive approach. And the mission of the Amazon Prime service? Can we define it as “providing users with an excellent service that goes from advantages about delivery to exclusive benefits on the platform”? Goals like these attract new talents and involve the ones already in your company.

The mission must galvanize your employees. It must fuel their productivity and effort. That’s why it’s important to have it both at a company level and at a team level. This way the resources will have a clear reason why they work on a certain project. And they will do even more to complete it!


2. Creating a company’s culture based on a strong identity

No matter our big your business is, you can create a company identity immediately recognizable. It’s not just about marketing: the face of your brand must be something both customers and employees can see themselves in. Think about Apple and the way it brings forward it’s company’s culture! Design and simplicity are the key philosophy at the core of products, communications, merchandising and so on.

Can you do the same? Use your social channels and your website to let people know your mission and your company’s culture. Do you help your clients and employees be your brand ambassadors? Do you put efforts in giving your business a value that goes beyond the simple commercial offer?


3. Using technology

As we already said, technology isn’t available just for big companies. Every reality can use it to improve an aspect of their business! For example, you can improve internal communication using platforms for instant messaging; you can check your competitors to find out what they offer and how they approach the market. You can also have a virtual personal assistant that helps you increase your productivity and organize work. There are many efficient and cheap solutions available to apply the technological innovations to your business! Just like a big company.


Are you ready to apply these 3 lessons and improve your business? Here at BrainWise, we’re ready to help your company become more productive and smart! Contact us!

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