BrainWise and Machine Learning: innovations for every sector

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Technological innovations open the way for new ways to achieve better and faster results. Machine Learning applications are an example of how you can increase the quality of your services and work in the company. At BrainWise, we are committed to putting new technologies at the disposal of your business! Here are some practical examples that can be useful to you too.


Energy Management

Energy saving is important both for the economic impact and for the environmental impact it can have. The regulations are very little tolerant of waste! And poor management of energy resources affects the budget.

Many of our customers use Euclide®, a platform that helps them to interpret consumption data in their company and make better decisions. This tool examines the information coming from the IoT sensors and the smart grid implemented in buildings and plants. Machine Learning algorithms analyze this huge flow of unstructured data and turn it into practical information.

An intuitive dashboard makes data accessible and helps energy managers and facility managers optimize consumption in the company. The benefits of both economic and environmental terms are enormous! The realities that apply this approach save on consumption and avoid penalties while respecting the environment.



The ability of Machine Learning algorithms to aggregate data from different sources is very useful in monitoring. About what? Not only energy consumption but also the status of a plant or the IT infrastructure itself.

Euclide® allows our customers to keep under control all aspects of their company. The sensors send the data, the platform examines and interprets them. This approach goes beyond the simple alarm indicating a malfunction because it makes a complete evaluation of the information possible! And this Big Data Analytics system implemented by Machine Learning is able to make predictions, giving you access to predictive maintenance.

Having such a tool at your disposal allows you to reduce maintenance costs and increase the speed of intervention. You will no longer be in the dark about what is happening in your company! And you can prevent failures in the IT infrastructure or in the production system.


Continuous trials

Our Machine Learning solutions do not end here! We are integrating this innovation with Kimonus, our Project Management, and Collaboration platform. Machine Learning algorithms make it possible to interpret the text of an email or a document to catalog it and link it to a project. And the Deep Learning allows to carry out actions starting from the messages. These innovations simplify the management of communications and activities even more!


What are the applications of Machine Learning for your company? Would you like to automate your activities, keep your assets under control and improve productivity? Contact us today to discover the advantages of technological innovations for your business!

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