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Science-fiction movies constantly show us the more or less happy chance of an Artificial Intelligence that becomes a conscious being. The reality we live in is not so different, technologies like cognitive computing allow machines to easily learn and interact with people. In fact interaction is the best part of the new relationship between Artificial Intelligence and human thought: the link between the endless calculation speed and power with the decision capability represents a winning choice in many commercial fields.

Considering Artificial Intelligence as an instrument mainly useful for analysis is wrong. The next step this technology allow us to do is to receive objective suggestions and recommendations based on data processing. Solutions like IBM’s Commerce Insights are an example of how useful a cognitive system can be in our business management.

Analysis speed and focused suggestions

An Artificial Intelligence that uses cognitive computing does not just analyze data regarding a specific activity. It relate them with sales performances in order to suggest efficient business actions! The time saved help us focus only on our business choices, leaving the machine the task to manage the information stream.

In the case of an e-commerce, a cognitive system can independently manage products visual presentation according to an entire amount of data that includes customer’s interests. This activity go beyond the simple correlation of products suggested on our researches: machine learning algorithms allow the AI to modify the visual presentation considering the results obtained!

The relationship between man and machine in this type of commercial system includes the customer and not just the developer. An Artificial Intelligence that learns users interactions and suggests related actions represents a new way of manage a business and can speed our processes up allowing us to focus more on objective commercial choices!

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