Connected cars, Internet of Things and concerns about security

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The development of ambitious projects based on Internet of Things characterize the beginning of 2018. The attention is mostly caught by news about connected cars and self-driving vehicles! While tests bring promising results for the applications of these technological innovations, consumers seem skeptic. Well, most of all worried! What’s happening to the faith in technology?


The world of connected cars

Projects on vehicles without driver are bringing great results! But connected cars are a step before. It’s a fact that many automotive companies provide IoT services on their models: every information about diagnostics and suggestions on driving style and consumptions are sent to the manufacturer.

Connected cars are on the market for many years and apply many technologies like telemetry, GPS, diagnostics, Hotspot accesses and many more. Innovations from the world of self-driving cars enhance possible applications. For example, think about models with parking assistant!


The impact on people

Years ago, the trust in new technologies was very high. “Cars without a driver? Yeah, can’t wait to see them!”. Today the value people recognize in innovations like the Internet of Things is limited by concerns on security. Consumers are worried about the use companies do of their personal data and for their privacy too! Can this influence the adoption of new technologies?

In 2017 we saw many serious IT threats like WannaCry and Petya. Their devastating effect amplified the existing doubts on the safety of IT systems. The result? According to a study by Thales and Wakefield Research, almost 30% of interviewed people are much more concerned than 5 years ago about the safety of connected cars! Another 30% of the 1000 adults polled between US and UK declares to be somewhat more concerned than before.

The doubts of consumers seem to be licit: connected cars and self-driving cars, if not well-protected, are vulnerable to IT attacks. While some nations are defining regulations for their use on the road, car manufacturers must guarantee the safety of customers and their data!


BrainWise for security

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