Data Loss: 3 scenarios and how to avoid them

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Are you worried about your IT system and data security? You’re right to be! Just few months ago we witnessed a devastating ransomware attack and the risk to lose strenuously gained information is growing. In this article you will discover 3 ways data get lost and how to prevent them. It’s time to keep yourself safe from IT incidents!


1. Technical issues

The first and simplest Data Loss scenario is the technical issue. An example? The coffee (replace coffee with your favourite beverage) spilled all over your laptop. The chance to lose all your unsaved data and information stored is very high! Apart from office incidents, any technical issue regarding the devices you use to manage information involve the risk to lose them.

Simple problem, simple solution: Cloud. Changing from archiving data on physical supports to Cloud-based systems allows you to always have access to the information you need without risks due to technical issues. Adding a real-time backup will further increase the certainty to keep your data safe!


2. Internal data thefts

When a employee is going to leave the company, it’s often necessary to think about the risk of losing important information. Believe it or not, the number of former employees that steal data from a company and bring them to a competitor is very high! To take information off a system is sufficient to copy them on a device; other data can be recovered using passwords and portals previously used for work purposes.

Your goal is to prevent former workers to access company’s data using passwords and permissions. A way to avoid information download and sharing is using customized digital workspaces that don’t allow these operations. An accurate management of permissions, accesses and information sharing by IT managers also reduces the risk to lose company’s data!


3. Ransomware attacks

As we said at the beginning of the article, IT attacks aren’t a minor problem. The most careful way to work and live the Internet doesn’t keep you safe from a ransomware. And finding yourself without access to your data and forced to pay a ransom hoping they’ll get them back is a scenario you wouldn’t be in! Every minute your business is offline is an economic and reputation loss you must avoid.

In addition to being careful for things like suspect mails, you can trust in Clouds systems to guarantee yourself a wide information accessibility to other devices than the blocked ones. In case of a ransomware attack, preventing risks is the best way to minimize or totally avoid issues and data loss.


Follow these tips and you will keep your data safe from technical issues, IT attacks and risks from inside your company! And, if you’re looking for a complete solution, our Security services will help you protect your systems. Contact us for further information!

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