How we apply Design Thinking in BrainWise

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For many companies, Design Thinking represents the opportunity to create new, more effective and more successful products and services. At BrainWise, as well as helping customers discover this innovative approach, we apply it to our everyday work! That’s how.


The development of new applications and functions

Many of our platforms could already be considered complete as they are. In reality, we are continuously working to implement new features! The main reason is that the specific needs of customers require tailor-made solutions, developed to solve specific problems. Thanks to Design Thinking we can find the most effective answers to help users overcome their obstacles and work better!

The same happens when we develop a new product. Design Thinking helps us to create solutions that focus on the customer and give him the tools to solve his problems! A practical example is Kimonus®, our platform for Project Management and Collaboration.

In the market, there is much software for the management of projects and teams. But all these programs are designed to do exactly that, not to solve the user’s problems. Instead, Kimonus® has the flexibility and functions to simplify the tasks of Project Management and interactions between workgroups! We have succeeded in creating this innovative tool by applying the principles of Design Thinking.


The definition of business models and objectives

As for product development, different approaches can be used to define a business model and objectives to be achieved. In BrainWise we apply Design Thinking to set up our activities on support for customer projects. What does this mean?

Imagine wanting to improve the response time of your help to users of your products or services. Through Design Thinking, you can create a business model based on achieving this goal: the activities of the different departments of your company, thanks to an internal culture that favors this approach, will be coordinated to get the chosen result.

The benefits of this approach are many. First of all, you can increase the appreciation of your customers towards your brand and your offer! And then you can keep them, turning them into promoters of your business. This is because they will be able to perceive your willingness to develop solutions designed to solve their problems.


Design Thinking can really improve your work. Would you like to apply it in your company? With our advice, you can bring this innovative approach to your business! Contact us today!

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