We are so used to se new inventions every day that we often do not understand a simple fact: most of the times we are just seeing existing things renewed! The same thing happens for the most advanced companies businesses. Digital reinvention is the answer for who needs a process restyling without subverting their company. Thanks to qualifying technologies like robotics or Internet of Things you can do exactly what you did before but better, faster and cheaper! Now you understand why many are reinventing their activities in a digital perspective. Even companies already founded in the digital world are using new technologies to take a further step toward a innovative customer experience. Amazon Go shop, that use Big Data and artificial intelligence to work almost without clerks, are a great example of this situation.

How can you apply Digital Reinvention to your business?

You don’t have to worry: it is not necessary to revolutionize the entire company! But is necessary to understand what margin do you have to improve your offer remaining interesting for your customer. For example, think about adding Cloud to your system: first of all, you could access to many other technologies like artificial intelligence or IoT. These novelties would allow you to considerably upgrade your production chain thanks to robotized plants and a great amount of information collected from sensors. But Cloud could also give you the opportunity of managing information in a organized and efficient way!

This is very important to improve your team work and to organize and safely preserve data. Did you notice how a specific upgrade helps you reinvent part of your business with many benefits? And we do not have to forget the relationship with our customers. AI and Internet of Things are two innovative instruments you can use to totally change our customer experience and increase engagement!

All the changes we are talking about are not twistings of the methods you used for years. They are their next step, the new way to face what market and customers are asking for. And the fact you do not necessary have to change your business model can encourage you doing this first step!

You clearly understand that this transformation is gradual and BrainWise can help you making it real. In order to do that, we start analyzing the way these qualifying technologies can really be useful for your company. The goal is to make changes that bring concrete and fast benefits! Thanks to the experience gained in many project based on renewing many productive and commercial solid realities, we will help you realize your ideas. We cannot wait to create a strong partnership that bring digital reinvention and its advantages to your business!



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