Facebook is building a neural interface for typing with your mind

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Seems like science fiction is less Fiction and more Science! During annual F8 conference, Facebook announced that a team of 60 scientists is working on an innovative neural interface. Where is the potential of technological innovation going? Let’s discover it with this extraordinary news!


The neural interface supposed by Facebook

Using optical imaging, scientists plan to scan the brain a hundred times per second. This way they could detect “silently thought” words and translate them in text. The goal is to write 100 words per minute, a lot more than what you can type on a phone.

During the conference we heard many times about neural interfaces, the so called “brain-computer interfaces”, potential. The next step will be controlling augmented and virtual reality using your mind, without devices like screens or controllers.


Non invasive technologies

Are you thinking that you don’t want any kind of implant? Don’t worry! Facebook plans to build external devices for the scanning process. Regina Dugan, head of Building 8 division of R&D department, started with the video of a paralyzed patient who types using the mind thanks to a implanted sensor. Than she focused on the fact they are going to create neural interfaces based on external scans! The project started few months ago but already involves many important laboratories and universities of the U.S.

Business Insider published Building 8’s job listing and you can find roles like “brain-computer interface engineer”, “neural imaging engineer” and many others. Some specifications regard the duration of the project (that seems to be of 2 years) and the type of activities involved in the contract. This special division of Facebook’s R&D is collecting ultramodern equipment and machines for tests and researches but just now we know why.


What can we expect

What are the implication of the future existence of instruments that can scan your mind and translate thoughts in text? Facebook specified that neural interfaces are not going to interpret every thought but just the words we specifically decide to write. Nonetheless, uncertainty and ethical doubts remain regarding the possibilities of systems capable of digging so deep in the human mind.

So where does BrainWise situates in this technological innovation? In the front line! In addition to the projects we follow regarding Artificial Intelligence, we use the development framework React, realized by Facebook to create advanced user interfaces. Do you want to know more and insert these novelties in your business? Contact us and together we will study the right solutions for you!

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