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Some innovations are so revolutionary and recent that they are still in an experimental phase. Others are already changing our way of life. The Internet of Things is an example: we meet every day interconnected devices with complex systems for data processing. In this article, you will discover 3 fields to explore better thanks to this technological innovation!


1. Care and monitoring of patients

Medicine is a field in which every day something new is discovered. But it is still possible to innovate, applying technologies like the Internet of Things! Devices such as wearable devices can be used to track patients’ health status in real time. And allow immediate action in the event of a health emergency. The sensors were used to collect Real-Time data during experimental projects on hospitalized patients and in rehabilitation.

The Internet of Things applied to healthcare facilities can make warehouse management more efficient and automate the supply of medicines. And it can improve the exchange of information between very distant realities, allowing authorized medical personnel to access information on each clinical case, so as to evaluate how to approach the patient in treatment.


2. Predictive maintenance

Although it is already used by some companies, predictive maintenance is a field with unexplored potential. Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can monitor the status of any device, asset or structure. For the production companies, this means having full control of the plants and intervening in advance to avoid potential interruptions in the work of the machinery. You can also track the products sold and offer customized service packages.

Even those without a production facility can enjoy predictive maintenance. It can always monitor the status of its buildings and plan the interventions to prevent faults rather than having to solve them.


3. Connected Cars

This topic divides the population. But Connected Cars are the best example of the Internet of Things at work and are a field that needs to be explored better. They no longer have implications for evaluating other applications, both in ethical and security terms. But they give rise to doubts because their use can affect the lives of many more people than a robotic manufacturing facility.

In recent months, several governments have moved to regulate the circulation of Connected Cars. The incidents that have shaken public opinion on this innovation have pushed the producers to work with even more effort to guarantee their safety. And we can expect much news from this sector!


The Internet of Things is a very powerful technological innovation that affects many aspects of our lives. The three applications that we have examined are to keep an eye on! What can we expect from the future?

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