GDPR: a cheap and efficient solution made of 2 steps

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Less than 2 months to the definitive start of General Data Protection Regulation but many companies aren’t ready yet. The problem is simple: the available solutions are expensive, hard to put in place and inefficient. They all start from the idea that you need a specific system to follow the regulation! Here’s our personal answer to GDPR, a cheap and efficient way to protect data and avoid penalties. All with 2 simple steps!


1. Redefining internal processes

The main risks for security in a company come from its internal structure. The access to data is usually unprotected so anyone can examine them, steal them or use them for illegal purposes! Redefining your business’ processes, you can clarify who has the permission to consult and manage information. This answers the explicit request from GDPR of allowing only the authorized personnel to manipulate and process data.

Redefining your internal processes allows spending less money. Together with diminishing the necessary resources to manage activities, it helps to avoid investments in too big IT infrastructures! Another advantage is the increased productivity of employees, that are organized in a more efficient way.


2. Organizing documents and permissions

To respect the GDPR, you must have the total control of the information inside your company. This is often impossible because employees archive copies of the documents they’re working on inside external devices or local peripherals. This behavior increases the risk of losing data and contributes to the disorder of processes and information. You can solve this problem managing correctly the documents linked to projects and activities!

You must connect the data to the work about them, to keep the material organized. And you have to carefully define access permissions, to limit the diffusion of information. Make sure only authorized employees can access the data and documents on projects! This way you will guarantee their privacy and safety.


A powerful tool to respect GDPR

You can put these 2 simple steps into practice thanks to Kimonus, our complete platform for project management and collaboration. Its innovative way of managing the documents linked to projects and the simple organization of permissions for every single user will help you to work more efficiently and to respect the norm about the safety of data.


Contact us to learn how Kimonus can improve your business and your security!

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