General Data Protection Regulation: why is it so important?

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Privacy is a hot topic in the digital world, expecially since European Parliament adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Its application will start from 25th of May 2018 and will touch both UE members and any society that collects data of UE citizens. Why it is so important to satisfy this regulation requirements? How can you do it? Let’s discover it!


General Data Protection Regulation requirement

Users’ privacy protection is guaranteed through iron rules on data collection and conservation. The notice of the collection of information has to be explicit and confirmed through an approve that can be proofed (opt-in). Safety regulations are particularly relevant: treatment owner and responsible must guarantee data protection using adequate technical measures.

GDPR imposes the data treatment owner to notify within 72 hours any safety violation or data leak. Unlike realities as United States, in Italy is infrequent that a company tests its violation’s notice plans or has ad adequate legal and insurance coverage. This means that the possibility to succumb to santions is higher!


The risks for companies

Considering the importance of the theme, penalties are consistent. Sanctions like periodical verifications of data protection or written warnings (in case of a first unintentional violation) could be inflicted. Fines are up to 20 millions of euro or to 4% of sales volume. Furthermore, we can’t consider the impact in terms of reputation: missing GDPR requirements is considered as few guarantees of privacy safety for customers and users.


News on the “right to be forgotten”

Data treatment mode changes and so do conservation modes. March 2014 version of General Data Protection Regulation modifies rules on the “right to be forgotten” opting for a more limited right to erasure. With the same simplicity he or she allowed data treatment, the subject has the right to request their erasure. Request reasons are specified and the treatment responsible must communicate the figures receiving it.


Preparing for the deadline

In order to be prepared for GDPR, it’s necessary to change many aspects of your IT Security. BrainWise is a leader in this complex sector! Contact us to find out our solutions on Security: together we will be prepared for General Data Protection Regulation actualization. And don’t forget to visit our page on Security to discover how we keep your data safe!

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