How you can improve Customer Experience in a digital world

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The impact of Customer Experience on a brand is huge. Think about the restaurant you definitively rejected because of a poor service, even though the food was great! Or the positive reviews that encouraged you booking a room in that hotel last summer. The experience we have when we relate with a company has a great value because it determines our fidelity as customers and our will to positively or negatively speak about it.

Does digital world condition Customer Experience? How can we be sure we always put our customers in the centre of our business?


Customized proposals

The first way to promote a great Customer Experience is starting from people’s real behaviors and interests. Digital marketing has many examples of this technique: social advertising based on interests, email automations triggered by specific behaviors and remarketing actons on consulted products. Even the famous Inbound Marketing method rotates around cultivating leads nurturing them with content based on their interests! But a customized Customer Experience isn’t exclusively related to marketing.

Sensors inside smart products are a trend in this period. But their real potential is the amount of information they can gather on the use of the products that contain them. What does this mean? It means you can develop better products that can better satisfy clients’ expectations. An object that improves people’s lives in a good fist step toward a positive Customer Experience!


Efficient assistance

We said it at the beginning of the article: the relationship between a customer and a company is often more important than the quality of products. How can you guarantee an excellent Customer Experience in this case? Let’s return to the sensors example: analyzing the use of products allows to predict malfunctions and maintenance. This means that your business can provide customized and planned assistance! Put this efficiency in a modern customer care system and you’ll obtain satisfied customers.

Speaking of customer care, digital era simplified help desk management thanks to dedicated softwares. Today you can process request quicker to solve customers’ issues almost real time! And it isn’t a case if, in order to speed up answer times, companies offer assistance on social networks or using advanced chatbots on web sites. People want answers quickly and it’s in your interests to satisfy them.


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