Hyper-convergence: the answer of Nutanix to the future of datacenters

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What’s the biggest obstacle to the digitalization of a company? Most of the times, it’s the cost of the IT infrastructure. External storages need maintenance, updates and constant improvements to keep up with your business needs. The hyper-convergence and the solutions offered by Nutanix help you decrease expenses while you increase your IT department’s performances!


Resources management according to hyper-convergence

Hyperconvergence is a software-based solution that implements virtualization and storage systems. In practice, it allows hosting a data center made of hundreds of virtual machines in a couple of rack units! The saving in terms of energy, maintenance and space is huge; nonetheless, the system guarantees maximum reliability and the best performances. But there are more advantages!

To guarantee the chance to improve performances when needed, many companies invested early on oversized infrastructures. Hyper-convergence allows scaling easily, adding other 2 unit chassis that need a little configuration. No more SAN storage and issues linked to migrations or increases in IT resources!


The solutions from Nutanix

Nutanix is a leader in the hyper-convergence field thanks to the products developed for any type of business. Datacenters’ flexibility that made the success of giants like Amazon or Facebook now is at the reach of every company! At the same time, there’s a save of space and maintenance costs that can do the difference in the balance sheet.

Nutanix’s solutions are so appreciated for advantages like:


– the chance to integrate different systems (cloud services, virtual machines, physical storage)

– the simplified visualization through a unique interface

– the immediate management of public and private cloud


An event to discover Nutanix and hyper-convergence

At BrainWise, we use many solutions provided by Nutanix for hyper-convergence and we invite you to discover them. We organized for 22nd February an event in our HQ in Castelfranco Veneto: we’ll talk about how hyper-convergence can improve your infrastructure’s performances and which Nutanix product is ideal for your needs. Our team of experts will help you find the best path to apply technological innovations in your company.


Discover how to improve your business!

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