Tips from our event on energy management in your company

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On 31th May we held an event on energy management in our office in Bologna and it was very interesting! We hosted many clients to share our opinions with them on the solutions for energy efficiency and management. If you couldn’d participate, you will be happy to read this article so you will not miss some good tips for your business.


The common scenario

If you are an energy or facility manager, one day your company will ask you to improve usage monitoring and management. Maybe you already began inform on methods and tools to save energy but would find a final solution to the problem. And probably you read about the fines for companies that haven’t done a proper energetic diagnosis yet.

Even though maybe you didn’t noticed it, more of 50% of your time is absorbed by documents management, phone calls and activities that have to be scheduled. The government doesn’t help because laws are complex and change often! So how can you optimize your energy management while keeping up with current regulations? Some companies hire new employees, other outsource some of these activities.


Our solution

As a company, we are aware of the requests made by our government about energy managemant. And we understand the importance of reducing usage and improving monitoring for your business! Our solution for you is Euclide®, a unique platform for facility and energy management. Like any of our products, it was developed during years of experiments and companies’ analysis. The result is a tool that really simplifies your work allowing you to quickly manage documents, tasks and communications. The sections for statistics is intuitive yet complete so you will create customized reports in few clicks!

Energy management could look complex because it continuously evolve. Dealing with it using the right tool will change the way you work and will simplify your activities! We are sure that Euclide® is the right solution for your business: contact us for further information and discover its many features. You will find out the joy of simplicity!

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