The great technological changes we are seeing in this period are so important that originated the definition of Industry 4.0, a real Fourth Industrial Revolution! Some startups were able to completely alter entire markets very quickly thanks to their product’s ease of use and the new experience proposed to their customers. But this definition does not mean just a solution or a specific innovative product: it is rather the totality of processes, products and services supplied in a new way. Internet of Things, robotic and user experience are just some of the elements contributing every day to the production transformation according the Industry 4.0 interpretation.

How can your company be competitive during the Industry 4.0 change?

Thinking about doing technological upgrades is right but changing a software is not sufficient to keep up with innovation. The real starting point is the business model change with a resulting internal organization change. The smart production approach requires algorithms that allow machines to learn and sensors that collect data and transmit them.

The acquired information on product’s usage and operation will influence their design, which will be more focused on client’s needs, and their production, that will base upon the problems found; programming maintenance will be an efficient and possible way to prevent failures. Furthermore robotized factories, in addition to the production and workspaces security increase, will permit to produce custom articles at the same cost of massive production. And what about the use of data from social networks or other platforms that can help us developing innovative user experience models? Today using applications that three years ago did not exist but in a short period of time redefined usage standards is common. All these innovations are already real and they can be so for you too!

The amount of data the sensor detect is enormous and request advanced tools in order to collect and analyze it. For this purpose, many Big Data analytics systems are developed every day: they quickly receive and elaborate to transform impulses in useful information. How can you use it?
Your goal is to improve your business, our goal is to give you the instruments to do it! We do not sell just a product neither a consulting: we build a partnership with you, analyzing together with your team objectives and needs you have. The innovation plan we realize represent the path we will follow with you towards the improvement of you production and selling processes.



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