Industry 4.0 and PMI: financings and necessary skills

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The new technologies aren’t made just for big companies. In a previous article, we talked about 4 practical applications for small realities too. According to recent studies, the adoption of innovations like the Internet of Things is increasing! And there are financings available to ease this passage. But it’s important to work both on the attitude toward the change and on skills.


Some numbers about Italy

The study made by Met, requested by the Ministry of Economic Development, shows the current Italian situation. According to Il Sole 24 Ore, 17% of the companies between 10 and 49 employees use systems like robotics and IoT. The 9,4% is preparing to adopt them in the short period. More than 32,2% of companies with more than 50 employees are using new technologies. These data show a great interest in the passage to Industry 4.0!

Tax reliefs played an important role in this change. The 34,2% of companies with less than 50 employees could invest thanks to iperamortization. And the 68% of the companies that took benefit from easy credit terms for Research & Development is composed of small companies.


How to bring the innovation forward

To begin the path toward Industry 4.0 it’s necessary to approach the change with the right attitude. According to Stefano Firpo, the PMI Warrantor, it’s important “the awareness of innovation in every entrepreneur and the presence of the right skills between managers and employees has an important effect”. So it’s necessary to understand why your company needs to invest in the transformation and in new technologies but also to train resources! Firpo underlines that “it’s not true that Industry 4.0 is a program made just for big companies”.

Skills are moving toward the hot topics of this period. Data management and analysis are pillars of the technological innovation! But their safety and IT security have a primary role too.


Financings still available

At the moment there are more than 320 millions euros included in Nuova Sabatini still available. This tax relief was made by the Ministry of Economic Development to ease the access to credit for small companies. It includes machines, software, and hardware necessary for Industry 4.0.


There are reliefs still available to help you begin your path toward innovation. Contact us to discover how you can bring your company into the Industry 4.0 world!

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