Internet of Things: 3 obstacles to overcome

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The use of IoT is spreading thanks to the latest technological novelties. But the increase of connected objects leads to higher risk that needs to be managed. In 2018 we are seeing interesting developments for the Internet of Things together with many issues to face. In this article, we’ll talk about 3 obstacles to overcome when applying technological innovations!


1. IT safety

We just concluded 2017, where IT safety was broadly discussed and one of the main topics of concern. WannaCry and Petya took many complex systems down in minutes! The extensive use of IoT devices comes close with the risk of IT attacks, since more points are connected are then accessible. For a company with robotic plants and smart assets, the consequences of a digital intrusion can be devastating. Similar concerns are generating negative opinion on connected cars and their development!

The advantages of the Internet of Things for companies are huge, but they can be clouded by the dangers of an IT attack. Every business must protect itself and implement an effective security system to defend its infrastructure and data. It’s also necessary to teach employees in order to avoid dangerous behaviors!


2. Bad data management

2018 is the year for the implementation of GDPR. Everyone talks about it, everyone fears it but not everyone understands the message behind it: personal data is precious and cyber delinquents want to steal it. It’s exactly due to the way it works that IoT devices are at the core of these thefts: storing a huge amount of data, they’re an endless source of information about users.

To access the benefits of the Internet of Things, you must protect the data collected by sensors. This is not just a regulatory need but a real protection for every business! Data theft damages a company’s reputation as well as its market and its assets.


3. Lack of qualified personnel

IT threatens and risks of losing data creates the need for personnel specialized in cybersecurity. Qualified professionals on the subject are few and training is costly, both from money and time perspectives. According to a study, by 2021 there will be more than 3,5 million unfilled jobs in this field! And the main problem is that demand is already overcoming the offer.

Digital criminals constantly improve their ability to penetrate safety barriers. On the other side, there is not the same speed in learning that in fighting these attacks! So it’s necessary to invest in hiring and training qualified resources to face unexpected and consistent IT disasters. The higher the presence of the Internet of Things in our lives and work, the more this type of investment will be needed.


IT security is the weak point of many businesses. How does your company protect the data it collects and manages?

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