Internet of Things and companies: how to improve employees’ performances

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The principles of Industry 4.0 can improve many aspects of your business. Factories’ safety and an increased productivity are two examples of the positive changes that are happening! Actually, Internet of Things can affect the quality of your employees’ work. How is it possible? Let’s find out some practical examples in this article!


Environment and performances

Did you notice that a comfortable environment improves your work performances? It’s not a matter of sensations, the psychological and physical health given by a well-ventilated and temperature-balanced space affects activities you do. And the diffusion of smart devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit allows tracking the health status of employees. Collected data help companies make better choices for buildings and human resources management!

The investment firm British Land already put these techniques into practice: its London HQ is full of sensors that monitor temperature, light, humidity and every other characteristic of offices. The analysis of the collected data allows evaluating the effect that environment has on staff for what concerns productivity, comfort, sickness and much more.

A Cushman & Wakefield’s research confirms these results. According to the report, well-ventilated offices double cognitive abilities while windows and a correct lightning lower blood pressure. All these aspects of work environments can easily be managed through facility management systems linked to IoT sensors!


Improved costs management

The use of IoT technologies brings a greater efficiency and remarkable savings! UPS implemented many sensors to track every aspect of driving and delivery. At the same time, the company began using a software that examines collected data to improve routes, manage idling times and request only necessary maintenance. The results?

In a year, UPS eliminated 15,4 millions minutes of idling time. It also saved 1,7 million miles from routes and 200000 gallons of fuel! These improvements in productivity have a weight on the company’s income and allowed to decrease expenses.


What’s coming next?

We can expect many other success cases based on the use of Internet of Things. Navigant Research estimates the investment in smart buildings market will exceed $22 billions by 2026! All collected data, especially the ones about employees’ health status, will have to be carefully protected. So a consistent investment in advanced security systems will also be necessary.


Would you like to discover Internet of Things and Smart Buildings applications for your company? Contact us and together we’ll apply these new technologies to improve your business!

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