Internet of Things: a roundtable discussion on data management

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The Internet of Things is a big world, full of novelties. Finally, here in Italy, we’re seeing real steps toward innovation, like what usually happens in other countries. As BrainWise, last week we had the opportunity to take part in a roundtable discussion on the theme hosted by Selezione di Elettronica! We met many experts in this field and presented our idea of the Internet of Things.


The problem with data

The use of smart objects brought an exponential increase in data collected. Every object, today, can record and send information about its status and the ways you use it! The value of these data is huge: they allow to improve production, schedule maintenance, offer better services and much more. But collecting them is easier than managing and interpreting them.

During the discussion, we spoke with important companies in the sensors and hardware field. The meeting confirmed that there are a lot of manufacturers of data collecting supports but few solutions for their interpretation! This problem was the background of our speech, which was based on the need to find the right way to manage complex and non-structured information.


Managing data correctly

We said that any object can collect and send data. Imagine you are a facility manager, in charge of checking and improving the efficiency of a smart building. The number of sensors in the structure sends you different data, with their own language and meaning. How can you interpret them correctly and transform them into useful information?

We often forget that collecting data is not enough. If we aren’t capable of managing them, we can’t use them to improve our business and make the right decisions! During the discussion, we spoke about our solution to this problem.


The answer of BrainWise

BrainWise answers the need to interpret data with Euclide, a complete platform for the IoT world! We customize this innovative software for our customer’s company to understand and manage the data collected by different sensors. This way, every necessary information to improve your business and make the right decisions is shown in an intuitive dashboard.

Our platform joins information coming from sensors and every other asset you own. It can help you check their status and discover how to increase their efficiency! Furthermore, it’s a tool with endless possibilities and we can customize it according to your needs.


We’re available to help you discover Euclide’s features with a free demo. Would you like to know how to use it to manage data in your company better? Contact us!

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