Many of the last period technological innovations are related to interaction between objects and their connection through the Net. This operative context is called Internet of Things and is the latest trend in the products modernization field. The basic concept is that an object can be implementated with sensors to interact with other objects and gain information about its usage. At the moment many sectors massively use IoT technologies: the automotive is a market completely sustained by information gathered from sold products because it can constantly upgrade offers according customers needs and save lives warning from defects in advance! Today is not possible to extensively test all the products as it once was common, so client’s feedbacks and use modes are necessary. Even smart objects like portable devices or appliances can efficiently profile usage habits and check their operation at the same time. As consumer world, B2B world too began using IoT advantages for plant efficiency upgrade and energy saving thanks to predictive analysis of data gathered from sensors.

What opportunities does Internet of Things hold for your company?

For those who sell consumer goods is easy to decline this new way of doing business transforming their articles in smart objects that gather and transmit data. But, even if your company works in the production field or realizes specialized products, you have the opportunity to upgrade both the quality of making and machinery operation. IoT is an integral part of production processes automation and positively affects plant’s operation: it controls its chain with predictive maintenance, it verifies the safety and allows energetic management turning your factory in a real smart building!

Moreover inserting sensors inside your products helps gathering an enormous amount of useful data. You will be able to know where and how they are used and this information will permit you to realize more user-friendly and suited-for-the-client projects

Information acquired from IoT technology will renew your business model. Thanks to data and predictive maintenance analysis you can offer your customers more complete and efficient services, improving intervention speed while diminishing their costs. You could switch from the usual product sale to a service mode sale which will include maintenance and assistance or a pay-per-use sale (something unimaginable for many traditional production companies at the moment)!

In order to follow this path, Brainwise helps you create a step-by-step project: starting from your needs and objectives analysis, we realize together a prototype that allows you to obtain immediate benefits from Internet of Things. This project could be parallel to your current business or it can be your new way of selling the products you create. In both cases, the presented solution includes data analysis and their transformation in useful information for your work! Our know-how is at your service: we realized many IoT projects that allowed us to acquire a solid experience in this new and exciting field.



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