IT security: innovations that protect your data

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In this period of great concern for data security, we are looking for effective solutions. IT attacks, GDPR and Cloud are topics on the agenda! But technological innovations can defend our information? Here’s how Blockchain technology can be applied to achieve this result.


A guarantee of safety for many sectors

The applications of the Blockchain technology extend to many fields and share all advantages for the safety and speed of operations. Traceability of transactions, human error eliminated and ease of data transfer are some of the strengths of this innovation. Many companies are studying methods to incorporate it into their business: today any reality, from insurance to Healthcare, can use the Blockchain to secure its data.

But what is the potential of this technology for a company’s IT department?


Manage authentication

Conventional systems are weak due to the centralized architecture and too simple logins. If employees or customers use passwords that are easy to decipher, sooner or later an IT attack will overcome security systems. Blockchain technology solves the problem by authenticating devices and users without the need for human intervention in the process!

Each device is associated with a specific SSL certificate that replaces the password. The certificate management data is in the Blockchain and this makes it virtually impossible to use a fake certificate!


Protect sensitive data

From the personal information of customers and employees to the work data of the departments, each company has millions of bytes to defend. And it can use the Blockchain to encrypt them, ensuring both their security and ease of management. Think about the data that smart devices collect in relation to their users’ use. Or what the sensors send from the machinery of a plant. All this information is very important for your business but they are a target for cyber attacks!


Blockchain can be very useful for your company. It can increase the security of your IT department and protect your data! Do you want to find out how to apply it to your business?

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