Kimonus: the complete platform for Project Management and Collaboration

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For BrainWise last months were full of news, events and launches. Today we’re happy to present you the website created for Kimonus, our platform for Project Management and Collaboration tasks. Are you ready to simplify your work?


Why Kimonus?

There are many softwares that allow you to manage activities, to simplify your communications and to organize documents. The only problem all of these programs have is that they all do a single job! A project requests you to complete all these tasks at the same time. Moving from a software to another is a waste of time and forces you to know each of them very well to use them efficiently.

Kimonus solves this problem in the easiest way possible: gives you all the features you need from a simple interface! Using a intuitive screen divided by sections, you can do the same things that once required three different programs. Time saved and ease of use will increase your productivity.


The features you need

We developed Kimonus to create a flexible platform perfect for many roles’ needs. Its features simplify Project Managers work helping them quickly organize tasks, keep deadlines under control and monitor projects status. The reports section is very intuitive and allows you to immediately understand what’s happening and what can be improved! Whichever Project Management methodology you use, with our innovative platform you can easily put it into practice.

Teams that use Kimonus increase their productivity thanks to tools suited for Collaboration. Documents and communications management is supported by a Machine Learning algorithm that scans a message and links it to the right project! Every team member can access the information needed thanks to a highly secure Cloud-based server. He or she can also receive alerts and tasks to accomplish based on project’s calendar or real-time.


Kimonus is an innovative and exciting platform. Request a free demo and discover how you can simplify your Project Management and Collaboration activities! We’re waiting for you on our new website!



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