Machine Learning: what is the innovation that everyone is talking about

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Intelligent machines that can learn and improve the way they do their homework. It is not a science fiction movie, it is what we see every day in many aspects of our lives. What allows objects of any kind to learn how to be more effective, faster and respond better to user requests? Today you will discover what Machine Learning is and how our world is changing!


The idea behind Machine Learning

In the last decades of the twentieth century, several communities of developers began working on various methods to allow computers to learn without explicit programming. Machine Learning is the ideal tool to bypass the impossibility of programming explicit algorithms: the system analyzes the data it receives and learns from it, becoming able to make predictions.

The term was coined in 1959 by the pioneer of Artificial Intelligence Arthur Samuel. The same scientist defined the approaches that divide Machine Learning into two sub-categories. That of supervised learning presupposes that the computer is provided with complete examples to be examined as guidelines for the activities to be performed; in unsupervised learning, the machine learns without any help.


The applications you meet every day

Examples of Machine Learning are search engines. Through millions of user requests and visited pages, Google and its competitors learn to distinguish useful and informative content from those that are not. As a result, they improve their ability to suggest research results in line with the needs of those who question them!

Self-driving machines, a hot topic of this period, make extensive use of Machine Learning. The vehicles driven by Artificial Intelligence implemented with these algorithms use the information collected by the sensors to learn how to juggle the traffic avoiding potential security risks!


The opportunities for you

The examples of Machine Learning are very many and extend to almost every sector. So your business too can enjoy this technological innovation! Think of a chatbot that can follow and advise customers of your e-commerce. Or predictive maintenance cycles programmed by an intelligent algorithm that examines the status of your production plant and learns from similar cases.


The opportunities for your business are endless. In the series of articles of these weeks, you will discover other applications of Machine Learning and how you can take advantage of this innovation in your company!

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