Monitoring the risk of IT attacks in an Internet of Things world

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The hot topic of data security still makes companies worried. A research by Ponemon Institute and Shared Assessments shows that most of the businesses fear IT disasters linked to IoT technologies. But almost everyone isn’t monitoring the status of their infrastructures! How can you safely put in place innovations like the Internet of Things?


Predictions and lack of preparation

The study collected interviews of 605 individuals in corporate governance. From the polls appears the prediction of an increase by 55% in IoT devices for the next year. At the same time, the 81% of interviewees said that they believe they’re going to face an IT attack in a couple of years due to the lack of security of these devices.

In spite of this fears, it seems that many businesses lack preparation. Only the 45% of participants in the survey is sure they can have an inventory of the IoT devices in their company. And just the 19% of this small group already has a similar list, even if incomplete. These data show that many companies are unconscious of the potentially risky assets they have! The 46% of interviewees said they already defined an internal policy to disable a risky IoT device. On the other side, most of the businesses said they use third-party risk management programs.


The need for a different approach

The adoption of IoT devices still grows quickly. According to Charlie Miller, SVP of the Shared Assessments Progam, “organizations need to have a clear understanding of the risks these devices pose both inside their own and outside their extended networks”. And, looking at the data from the study, it seems that many businesses lack understanding about the real menaces due to security breaches.

The data thefts and IT attacks that characterized last year underline the need for a different approach. It’s right to adopt technological innovations, it’s also right to flank them with advanced security systems to protect and recover information.


Many innovative solutions

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