Endless possibilities for Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning

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The potential of Machine Learning is infinite and we continually meet some applications of this technology. But we often hear about Deep Learning, a field that has allowed us to develop incredible innovations! What is it? What are its effects on your business?


What is Deep Learning

Deep Learning is linked to Machine Learning. In fact, the algorithms that compose this branch can be either supervised or unsupervised. Using cascaded hierarchical levels, they derive the higher characteristics from those found lower. The output of the previous level is the input of the next level! There are many Deep Learning architectures, such as deep neural networks and recurrent neural networks.

The term “Deep Learning” was presented for the first time in 1986 by Rina Dechter. In reality, algorithms that introduced this technology were already in use since the second half of the 1960s. The ferment of recent years about this innovation is mainly due to the incredible applications we encounter in our lives!


The most common applications

Image recognition is an exciting aspect of Deep Learning. How does Facebook suggest to you which friends to tag in the photos you upload? Thanks to algorithms able to distinguish faces and bring them back to specific users! These programs can find an object within an image and highlight it. To function, they classify the content of a photo based on what they have learned from countless other photos analyzed.

Do you remember when passing a text for Google Translate or having it translated by a child didn’t change much? Today, Deep Learning allows you to automatically convert a message into other languages, with a great expressive quality. But Deep Learning algorithms are not only able to translate a text: they can also generate it! And they can describe an image, combining the ability to analyze a photograph and create meaningful sentences on recognized objects.


Bringing Deep Learning into your company

The applications we talked about are a very small part of the potential of Deep Learning. Every day this innovation allows sectors like Healthcare and Automotive to take giant steps! There is no business that can’t benefit from this technology. It’s all about understanding how to use it for your business to enjoy its benefits.


Would you like to find out how to apply Deep Learning to your business? We at BrainWise are at your side to help you take advantage of this technological innovation!

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