Predictive maintenance: an advantage of smart businesses

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The transition to Industry 4.0 opens up a new world of opportunities, it provides the tools to unveil the business full potential. The access to innovative technologies such as Internet of Things and Big Data systems, now makes possible to explore and put in practice new ways to develop products and sell. Smart businesses take advantage, for instance, of their predictive maintenance capabilities to improve their internal processes as well as their communication with customers!


Increasing production efficiency

Plants that work nonstop are more subject to breakage; especially automated ones, which need periodic checkups to avoid malfunctioning. Occasional maintenance doesn’t eliminate sudden breakdowns! This creates real economic damage due to both fixing costs and production delays, which at the same time could impact clients satisfaction negatively.

Predictive maintenance limits this risk. Now it’s possible to install sensors which, thanks to the Internet of Things are used to watch the activity of every part inside machines, facilities or plants. Big Data systems collect the data and allow you to analyze it in real time: instant notifications warn you about critical situations so that you can intervene immediately and proactively.

You can also program maintenance cycles based on the information the system provides on machinery use. By having access to this real time data and using it to your benefit you can increase production efficiency, diminishing the risk of technical issues!


Selling services

You can also apply this technology for marketing and sales related activities. The Internet of Things allows you to know how customers use your products, thanks to the data collected by sensors. This type of information helps you to generate more functional designs but it also gives you the opportunity to understand your products’ durability and potential issues. So you have the tools to create better and more accepted products!

What does this mean? That now you can add value by offering a complemented service with the product. For example, machine manufacturers can offer their product as part of a package that includes equipment use analysis, which helps those in charge program both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance just when it’s needed to avoid issues, and send automatic notifications to request them. This guarantees clients having an always functional product and sellers a constant revenue and a wider pool of users!


Preparing for change

The advantages that predictive maintenance can bring for you and your clients are clear. But, in order to benefit from it you must first install the capacities that will enable you to do, to think, to work in a new way. The Internet of Things allows you to collect data about almost everything for which you install sensors in; the Big Data system is the virtual place where data is stored and analyzed.


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