Solving problems and training resources: 2 key aspects of the IoT

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Internet of Things means new technologies, connected devices, Big Data and much more. So why do we say that solving problems and training resources are key elements of this innovation? In this article, you’ll discover why the right approach is the first step to improve your business!


Spending vs Investing

Every day, the IoT world offer us some new kind of technological novelty. It’s easy to think that you just need to put in place these innovations to improve your business. But things don’t go like this! Any tool, even the most efficient, must be inserted in a more ample plan to work well. Here’s a simple example: placing sensors in your HQ doesn’t make it a Smart Building. What do you miss? A data analysis system, a management interface and a plan to make the building more efficient.

Investing means creating the conditions to apply the technological innovations, even before acquiring them. So analyzing the problems you have in your business, developing the right solutions and training the resources to bring them forward. This way you’ll be sure to use technology in the best way possible for you!


Solving problems

The arrival of the Internet of Things in Italy urged many companies to invest in this field. Many realities think they can surpass (or reach) their competitors; others believe it’s “necessary” to implement new technologies. These reasons aren’t the most important. Technological innovations, starting from the wheel, always had a unique goal: solving a specific problem. Without that problem, they wouldn’t have been developed!

What does this mean for your company? You can’t just force your IT department to analyze a huge amount of data because “today everyone’s analyzing data”. Nor you can begin implementing smart devices and IoT systems because everyone has them! Ask yourself what problem you want to solve. Would you like to increase your plant’s productivity and the efficiency of your factory? Are you trying to develop better products using data about the way customers use them? These are a great starting point to work with technological innovations.


Training resources

Your employees must be able to use the new technologies you install. They must also be able to analyze data and apply them! The request for experts in IT systems, data analysis, development, and security is very high. While the availability of these talents is not so high. So you have to maximize the quality of the internal resources you already have, training them to get the requested skills.

Investing in training is, as usual, the right choice. But, together with training your employees, you have to stimulate them. You can do it with interesting projects and challenges that can attract new talents and keep involved the ones you already have!


Are you ready to work on these aspects of the Internet of Things and apply the technological innovations in your company?

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