Technological trends of 2018: where are we?

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Last December we talked on this blog of 4 technological trends that would have characterized 2018. We are over half of the year so it’s time to take stock of the situation! Have these innovations affected the market and our lives? Can they be used for your business? It’s time to find out!


1. AI and Bots

The work on Artificial Intelligence and its integration into the real world continues unabated. And the results are seen! An example above all: the phone calls during the demo of Google Duplex. The ability to adapt and the naturalness of the conversations carried out by the Virtual Assistant have shocked the public of the web. Ethical doubts have arisen over the use of such an advanced system and it is assumed the inclusion of a “disclaimer” at the beginning of the call.

The potential of this Artificial Intelligence is influencing chatbots, which are popular due to their ability to support complex interactions. For many businesses, using these innovative tools on websites is bringing a great return on investment.


2. Blockchain, Mobile Payments, and cryptocurrencies

Three topics connected to each other, three different developments. The issue of cryptocurrencies is increasingly hot, the distrust caused by the many scams and speculation has negatively affected this field. Bitcoin & Co. are experiencing a period of difficulty ranging from huge losses in value on the stock exchange to the resistance of reality such as Facebook or Google for advertising.

But Blockchain technology is in its best moment. Not only is it a hot topic but also an innovation to which many people look with confidence to solve problems in a multitude of fields! And Mobile Payments are gaining more and more consensus and interest.


3. GDPR and Security

In Italy, the implementation of the GDPR has been postponed due to a legislative decree of adaptation that has not been implemented in due time. The confusion over the “complexity” of the Regulation joins the fear of heavy penalties in creating a climate of uncertainty among companies.

Besides, cyber-security is a technological trend that is characterizing 2018. Scandals, data loss, and privacy threats are increasingly sensitizing the importance of protecting our systems.


4. Augmented Reality

Less and fewer hypotheses and more and more experiments in the field of Augmented Reality. Starting from the case that is attracting more attention, that is the possibility of trying makeup and sunglasses of some brands on Facebook. How? With the smartphone camera and the products that the brand loads on the platform while creating the advertising campaign.

The same approach can be used, for example, to see how the vase you like so much is on the kitchen table! Whether applied to advertise on social networks or an e-commerce, Augmented Reality can have incredible effects on the retail sector.


The technological trends that are characterizing 2018 are really exciting! And they can also be applied to your business. Do you want to know how?

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