The base of Digital Transformation

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Digital technologies opened the path to new ways of doing business. Companies quickly understood the importance of embracing these innovations! But we’re not talking about using a new platform or software: we’re talking about changing the way we produce and sell our products and services. This change is less immediate and must base on solid foundations to be efficient! Let’s find out how your business can successfully step into digital era.


Big Data: the starting point

Millions of electronic devices, sensors and users generate an enormous amount of data every day. This often underestimated information really is a gold mine for companies who know how to deal with it. Are you asking yourself why? Imagine you can access al data regarding how your customers use your products. You could improve quality and resistance of your assets, sell related maintenance services and much more basing on real-time information you collected.

The picture you imagined is already reality thanks to Internet of Things world. But sensors collecting data are secondary to systems that store and analyze them: Big Data Analytics systems. To embrace Digital Transformation, your company must use information wisely through a deep and precise analysis. This brings us to the second necessary element.


Artificial Intelligence: the employee of the future

Processing an endless amount of data, gaining useful information and suggesting applications for your business all are perfect tasks for Artificial Intelligence! AI systems are part of our life even though we often aren’t aware of them: they pass from chatbots on an e-commerce to virtual assistants. Their quick execution time makes them ideal for repetitive tasks and complex analysis.

Machine Learning algorithms applied to the most innovative Artificial Intelligences are a step further. They allow these systems to continuously learn and improve their work! For your company this means using less human resources and diminishing interventions on your “digital employees” activities. But Artificial Intelligence’s applications are endless and pass from operative tasks to interactions with customers! The limit isn’t technology anymore but just fantasy.

Cognitive Computing systems offer unlimited capabilities of information analysis and management. They can use unstructured data like images, text and conversations to learn and provide better answers or do a better work. Imagine the increase in engagement and satisfaction of your customers thanks to these revolutionary technologies!


New roles, new attitudes

Saying that Digital Transformation is diminishing job positions isn’t correct. It is changing the way we work and the logical consequence is a necessary change of attitude and skills! New roles, mostly related to data analysis and IT task, are more important. The best way to face these changes is to keep yourself constantly up-to-date and open toward technological innovations.


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