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 In Industry 4.0, Internet of Things

While technological changes are continuously improving any business’ potential, always more complex novelties become part of companies’ structure. Think about energy management: from one side is a duty defined by many Countries’ laws, from the other side is a way to reduce wastes and costs. Even Internet of Things and sensors world brings benefits but preliminary considerations too! Usually those single aspects are managed by dedicated programs. At BrainWise we developed a solution that will simplify your life: Euclide®!


The starting point

It all began in 2004. A customer asked us to solve a problem that was causing troubles in its assets management: they couldn’t rely on so many softwares to manage 18 historical buildings that needed constant supervision, maintenance and events organization. Our solution, called ATLANTIS at that time, gathered all of those programs’ features in a unique platform. You can easily imagine the time saving and the management simplicity that new software brought! The continuous updates and improvements gave life to Euclide®, that revolutionary program’s current version.


The final tool for your management needs

Imagine a part of your business you would like to control better. IT monitoring? Energy management? IoT sensors real-time check? With Euclide® you can do even more! Not just you can easily organize and check everything regards your facilities and buildings but you can also manage all the energetic department. With a quick look you will immediately have all the information you need from sensors to take the right decisions in few seconds!

Euclide® helps you efficiently manage your help desk. It allows you to open and follow tickets, organize activities and tasks, monitor requests’ status and create customized reports. At the same time, it allows you to real-time verify your IT system status to pre-emptively intervene to prevent malfunctions and issues.


Your first step toward Industry 4.0

Euclide® gives you all the necessary features for a company that is transforming toward Industry 4.0! It allows you to keep every aspect of your business under control. Necessary information will always be a click away thanks to the intuitive interface and the reports section. The great amount of data won’t be a problem with Cloud systems and you will have granted access also with mobile devices!


It’s very difficult to describe in a single article all of Euclide®’s features. For this reason we created a web site dedicated to this innovative platform! You will find out its various functions and how they can be useful for your business.

Contact us for a customized demo: it’s your turn to take the first step toward future!

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